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Restore Balance with Jacqui Low Kinesiology

Feeling out of balance? Experiencing emotional or physical pain, fatigue, anxiety, or digestive problems? These symptoms can be your body's way of communicating that something needs attention. 

As a Kinesiologist in Summer Hill (in Sydney's Inner West), I work with clients to help them understand and decode these symptoms. I use a holistic approach that considers your physical, emotional, and energetic well-being.

Through kinesiology, I can help you:

  • Decode your body's messages

  • Identify imbalances affecting your health

  • Develop a personalised plan to restore balance and achieve optimal health

kinesiology uses muscle testing
Are you ready to experience lasting change?

Struggling with physical pain, stress, or negative emotions? Feeling lost and stuck in unhealthy patterns? You're not alone.


Kinesiology offers a powerful approach to:

  • Uncover root causes of pain (physical, emotional, mental)

  • Reduce stress and improve energy levels

  • Break free from limiting beliefs and patterns of self-sabotage

  • Gain clarity, purpose, and direction

Unlock Your Potential: Personalised sessions to help  achieve your goals

Feeling stuck? Want to reduce stress, relieve pain, or achieve greater clarity? Traditional approaches often overlook the power of the unconscious mind.

Jacqui Low Kinesiology offers personalised sessions both in our Sydney Ease Wellness clinic at Summer Hill and online. I take a holistic approach to well-being and use a variety of tools and techniques icluding:

  • Kinesiology: Uncover hidden imbalances affecting your health.

  • Hypnosis: Access your subconscious mind for lasting change.

  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): Reshape limiting beliefs for success.

  • Tarot Guidance: Gain deeper self-awareness and tap into intuition.

By changing the inner attitudes of your mind,

you can change the outer aspects of your life

William James

About me

We all have the wisdom and resources to create a thriving life. But sometimes, we need guidance to unlock them.

My goal is to support you to:

  • get clear on your health, relationship, career and personal goals and create a roadmap for achieving these.

  • Idenitfy patterns that keep you stuck and unmotivated and help you to rewrite these so you can be your best version of you.

  • Develop the tools to navigate challenges and achieve a state of balance.

If you are ready to live your best life, I'd love to help you.

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