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About me

jacqui low portrait
I believe we each hold the wisdom and knowledge needed to live great lives
- sometimes we just need help to access it.


I love helping clients on this journey, respecting the inherent intelligence and wisdom of the body and helping to decode its messages.  Whether you are dealing with physical, biochemical or mental stress, the body is communicating to you at all times and we just need to listen. 

I work with a number of modalities, all of which are designed to help you understand what is needed for you to return to a state of balance. My goal is to help clients find greater meaning, joy and success in their lives - and to remind them that the answers they are seeking are always within.

​I am delighted to announce that I am accepting clients at Ease Wellness in Summer Hill, as well as online.

My qualifications

A seed hidden in the heart of an

apple is an orchard invisible

Welsh proverb

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